Summer Rental Reservations

If you are looking to reserve your summer equipment rental within 24 hours of the intended rental date, please contact  780-852-4717 to confirm availability.


Store Location Summer Hours (Mountain Standard Time)

Effective June 1, 2022

Sunday to Thursday 8 am – 6 pm

Friday & Saturday 8 am – 8 pm

Half-day rentals based on availability.
All prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Prices do not include Goods & Services Tax (GST of 5%).


A kidney-shaped lake with Pyramid Mountain as a stunning backdrop, a great option for a half-day or full-day on the water.  Providing the feel of a big water lake with the peace of mind that the shoreline is never too far away, families and beginner to intermediate paddlers are able to gain the confidence of having a safe and fun time on this relatively calm body of water.


Considered on of the most beautiful locations in Jasper National Park, Lac Beauvert is an incredible spot to spend time on glacier fed emerald green  water.  


Located minutes away from Pyramid Lake, this lake is famous for being the test site for Project Habbakuk during World War II. A project to build an unsinkable aircraft carrier from an ice-based composite material “Pykrete”.  Smaller than Pyramid Lake, it still provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and is another great choice for those who wish to do a half-day or full day on the water.


One of the smallest lakes, Lake Annette is a favourite spot for families as there are plenty of picnic areas to spend a half-day or full-day experiencing the incredible scenery of the Canadian Rockies. With a sandy shoreline that extends into the lake, it a great area to splash around in the water.  Also, a great spot to catch some rays and get your tan on with Whistlers and Pyramid mountain in the distance.

For those new or novice paddlers, this is an excellent choice to get your paddles wet and experience paddling on clear and pristine calm waters.  A popular spot for SUPs and open kayaks as you’re never too far from shore.


Considered to be one of the smallest lakes in Jasper National Park,  a great secluded area where you’ll find cabins along the shore. A great choice for those looking for a tranquil lake that provides incredible views of the surrounding area.

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