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The Latest Kayaks, Canoes & Paddleboards Plus Insider Tips

stand-up-paddle-boarder_on-lake-in-jasperWe rent the latest canoe, kayak, stand up paddleboard rentals and we can deliver your canoe rental to your take off point on Maligne Lake or to any other great boating lakes in Jasper National Park.

If you are new to supping (stand up paddle boarding), we can hook you up with paddleboard lessons so you can make the most of your rental experience. Forgot your life jackets? No Problem. We rent those too! Or if you are looking to buy premium summer adventure equipment or clothing whether men’s, women’s or children, drop by our store.

Standup Paddle Boarding

New to Stand Up Paddle Boarding? We’ll hook you up with pro’s who will show you the best places for supping in Jasper, give you a few pointers & even snap a few photos of you as you master the sport! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to rent your own board and explore the many lakes in and around Jasper.

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Summer Rentals

Sea Kayaks

Necky Looksha

Outstanding sea touring kayaks with excellent tracking, performance, glide, and overall handling characteristics.

Rental Rates

Sea kayaks (closed) Single $90 per day | Double $120 per day

For Multi-days rentals, any additional days are at 25% discount


Necky Looksha Sea Kayak
Included with Sea Kayaks: Paddles, PFDs, Whistles, Tow line, Paddle Float & Pump

Open Kayaks

Malibu Ocean Kayaks

The most popular compact, lightweight tandem sit-on-top in the world. Stable and versatile, it can be paddled solo or tandem. Fits two adults plus a small child or pet.

Rental Rates

Open Kayak Single $60 per day | $40 per half day

Open Kayak Double $80 per day | $60 per half day

For Multi-days rentals, any additional days are at 25% discount


 Open Kayaks: Ocean Kayaks Malibu

Included with Open Kayaks: Paddles, PFDs, Whistles & Tow Line.

Fishing Kayaks

Pelican Premium Strike Angler 100X

Maneuverable and stable, these sit-on-top kayaks offer plenty of speed, capacity and storage space. These simple, easy-to-use kayaks are equipped with thoughtful features. Angler versions are loaded with fishing features plus excellent buoyancy and safety.

Fishing Kayak Rental Rates

Fishing Kayak Single $60 per day

For Multi-days rentals, any additional days are at 25% discount

Note: Full day rentals only


 Open Kayaks: Ocean Kayaks Malibu


Old Town Penobscot 17′

Designed to be an efficient performer. A great choice for the intermediate to experience paddler, the Penobscot has been a long-time favourite amongst avid and competitive paddlers.

Canoe Rental Rates

Premium tripping 1000 lbs+ Capacity

$80 per day (2 adults + 1child max)

For Multi-days rentals, any additional days are at 25% discount

 Old Town Penobscott Canoe
Included with Canoes: 3 Paddles (1 spare), PFDs, Whistles, Bailing Bucket & Tow Line

Stand Up Paddleboards

Amundsen SUP

The Amundson advantage means that you are on a board that is stable enough to be comfortable, yet still exciting and responsive under your feet. It glides through the water with little resistance, handles varying conditions without a second thought, and lets you focus on your paddling, not on your board.

Amundsen SUP

Starboard SUP

Provides enough glide for flat-water cruising, good stability for catching waves & exciting performance once up and riding.

Starboard SUP

Aquaglide 11′ Inflatable SUP

These boards are durable enough for you to take on a whitewater adventure, and compact enough to roll up and fit in small spaces. This inflatable SUP inflates to 14 – 18 psi, making them incredibly stiff for the most efficient paddling experience.

Cascade Inflatable SUP

SUP Rental Rates: $80 per day | $60 per half day

For Multi-days rentals, any additional days are at 25% discount

Included with SUPs: Paddle, PFD, Whistle & Leash


Delivery to the following lakes is available. Please Note: Prices are per booking (not per boats) and include both drop off and pick-up.

All our fleet consists of premium well maintained boats & equipment.

Accessories & outerwear available in store.

Maligne Lake

$50 full days & multi-days only.

Canoes & Sea kayaks only

Medicine & Talbot

$30 full days only.

All boats

Lake Annette & Lake Edith

$20 full & half days

All boats. Note SUP available on site no charge

Pyramid Lake & Patricia Lake

$20 Full & half days.

All boats

Included with Rentals

All Kayak, Canoe & SUP Rentals Include: PFD’s, Paddles, Whistle. In addition, Boat Rentals Include Throw Bags (Tow Line), Pump or Bailing Bucket